Locker Room is based on the energy-filled behind-the-scenes staging, changing & storage facility that professional sportsmen use, for that crucial briefing, team bonding session or just to chill after celebrating a winning match. We will be the centrally-located pumped-up venue where our guests hang out after work or gather with friends over drinks & dinner.

Crafting Our Speciality.

We have a craft beer list which is First-In-Town and a bar specialist to craft your beer drinking experience. Our range of libations allow guests to explore different styles and uncover a new appreciation of the art of brewing beer. We carry a wide selection of craft beers of different styles (yuzu, strong dark ale, white beer, belgian strong beer, belgian abbey blonde ale, old femish brown ale, strong scotch ale, indian pale ale, belgian hopsped ale, & porter) and of different origins (Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, the UK, USA & Mexico, Japan, Australia, South Africa, China), while providing the comfort of good old reliable friends (Asahi, Suntory, Carlsberg among others).